When gardening intensively, you may need to do some lopping and pruning. It is during these works that the chainsaw reveals all its usefulness. Similarly, if you cut your firewood yourself and regularly because you live in a cold area, it is better to buy a chainsaw. Landscape Oxfordshire

Chainsaw maintenance
The chainsaw must be maintained because it is a tool that is expensive. In addition, you can find a wide range of chainsaw chains on the Internet. It is important to know the addresses of DIY online shops to speed up the purchase of a spare part for your chainsaw. This purchase could occur in the event of a breakdown or wear on any part of the chainsaw. Carefully follow the maintenance rules of your equipment to give it every chance of lasting the longest in time.

Chainsaw for gardening
If your garden only includes young trees, take an electric chainsaw. This type of tree has a thin trunk that does not withstand the blades of a small compact chainsaw model. With the latter, you can not only cut the branches but also proceed to the feeling of a tree. Note, however, that it is better to have another model for pruning. Invest in a pruning chainsaw, specifically designed to ensure safe and successful pruning.

If your garden has been landscaped for several decades and has large old trees, opt for the thermal chainsaw (the professional version is preferable when the diameter exceeds 45 cm). In addition, it is better to have several chain guides and change them according to the diameter of the trunk. Indeed, when it is massive and hard, to overcome, the ideal would be to have a chain guide length equal to the diameter of the trunk. The thermal model has also preferred if the majority of trees in your garden are softwoods as well as hardwoods, whose wood is extremely hard.

Chainsaw for firewood
Choose a model with a guide bar between 60 cm and 90 cm long. Thermal motorization is fundamental. In other words, a gasoline chainsaw is the most suitable for cutting firewood in the forest for example. Finally, make sure that the cubic capacity is at least 50 cm³. However, do not exceed 125 cm³.

Additional tips
For a trunk 50 cm and more, it is highly recommended to use a professional woodcutter. Their devices are often equipped with particularly efficient chisel chains. Besides, you must be able to lift the chainsaw. To find out, when you buy it, lift it by grabbing its handle. If in doing so, you have trouble keeping it horizontal it is too heavy for you (despite appearances). In a pinch, the chainsaw tilts a little forward. Finally, to ensure the effective protection of safety devices, it is better to be right-handed to use a chainsaw.

Create your own garden

It is quite possible to create your own garden as long as you are passionate about gardening and flowers. This option allows you to enjoy several benefits. Above all, it creates a garden that meets its expectations. While any landscaper tries to implement the demands of his client, but sometimes it is really difficult to convey the concept. Moreover, do yourself the work of landscaping his garden can make real savings because the benefits of a specialist can sometimes be expensive. Finally, the feeling of satisfaction with the work done is second to none.