Building the perfect summerhouse

Building the perfect summerhouse

There are several types of buildings companies in the market, each one with its own characteristics that identify them from the rest, which in turn makes them more or less appropriate to cover satisfactorily the needs of each specific case.

It is an integrated system that contemplates the planning, coordination and control of a construction project from beginning to end. Construction Project Management is a system of activities that resolve the objectives already established in the work plan through the use of resources in the different phases of the project.

In this system, the Project managed building company, is who is responsible for monitoring, programming, coordinating of building the perfect summerhouse and often makes decisions commonly taken by the contractor, architect or engineer.

For the operation of the project it is necessary to employ subcontractors and suppliers. AEN Corp is in contact with the best companies for labor, materials, equipment and other vital resources to complete the construction project.
Objectives of the administration of construction projects
Specification of the objectives of the project and the plans that include the delimitation of the scope, the budgeting, programming, the establishment of performance requirements and the selection of the project participants.

Maximize the efficiency of resources through the hiring of labor, materials and equipment.

Implementation of various operations through the coordination and control of planning, design, estimation, contracting and construction
Development of communications and effective mechanisms for conflict resolution

Phases of the construction of the project
Design. This phase focuses on reviewing the feasibility of the ideas, the schematic design of them and their development to initiate the appropriate documentation. Here are set the goals and objectives of the building that is contemplated.

After agreeing on the architectural drawing of the project, its dimensions, colors, textures and materials, an investigation is made of the suppliers of the material and equipment that will be needed to carry out the project.

Pre-construction Before starting construction activities, permits must be obtained and the project must be scheduled. The site should also be inspected to know if the soil and the environmental conditions are suitable for the building.

Means. It is the acquisition of material, human and heavy equipment resources. At this stage of the project, contractors or other companies that supply the services needed by the construction, such as concrete, welding, glass or carpentry, are contacted.

Building. The construction work not only focuses on the construction of the work but also focuses on quality control, access to the construction site and storage of materials.

Occupation. The delivery of the construction to the owner begins the warranty period. This to ensure that the work done meets the conditions previously agreed.